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100 years of Audi website

Submitted by on October 5, 2009

The Audi 100 year anniversary website is an extremely disappointing experience.

For a company with such a rich motorsport heritage, a website with just eight motorsport videos (in German) and a flash intro straight from 1997 just ain’t gonna cut the mustard in 2009.

I simply can’t understand how a brand, particularly one with motorsport so integral to its heritage, could waste an opportunity like this to do something really special online.  There is no list of Audi road or motorsport models, no list of motorsport victories, no list of technical milestones, no photos on the site at all, except for some screensavers…did someone say 1997 again?

Given Audi has often been a pioneer online and has been running the quite cool Audi TV for a few years, couldn’t they have come up with something better? The site does have a count down to the official birthday in 80 days time, so lets just pray that this is simply a very lame teaser site and something better is around the corner.

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