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Book Review: Porsche Rennsport

Submitted by on December 6, 2009

I have just laid my eyes on a copy of Porsche Rennsport – The Definitive Photographic Record of Porsche Racing Sports Cars, 1949-2004.

Quite simply, if you are a Porsche fan this book is a must have. The photography is absolutely breathtaking. However the most  interesting aspect for me is how the chronological shots demonstrate the subtle evolution of these famous racing machines.  A wing sprouts up on one model, then a deeper spoiler is added, then a flared wheel arch etc. They say racing improves the breed and here you can see the learnings discovered at the race track  documented before your eyes.

Here is the official blurb from the David Bull Publishing website:

“The dramatic shapes of Porsche’s most successful sports cars are the subjects of this lavish book by renowned photographer and Porsche racer Jeff Zwart. During a recent Rennsport Reunion at Daytona International Speedway Jeff constructed a temporary studio to photograph more than 125 cars. Every sports-car model type from every decade is represented, from the first Porsche built in 1948 (356-001) through the 2004 GT3 RSR. Each chapter is introduced by a factory driver from that period, which includes Herbert Linge, Dan Gurney, Brian Redman, Derek Bell, Hurley Haywood, and Sascha Maassen.

These historic Porsche’s are accompanied by their chassis numbers and brief specifications, and presented in chapters organized by decade. Every car is featured in profile, often accompanied by a front view—a consistent presentation that encourages comparisons between types. Jeff’s highly detailed, super-saturated color images capture characteristic silhouettes, famous racing liveries, and arresting individual details. Such is the quality of the images and reproduction that one can see individual stone chips in the paintwork, battle scars from the world’s most demanding circuits.

The concept and execution of this photography project so impressed Porsche that the factory has supported and approved this book, and it carries an official Porsche part number.”

The book is available from David Bull Publishing for US$149.95

Images: David Bull Publishing

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