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Book Review: Road Racing- Drivers of the 60s and 70s

Submitted by on May 8, 2010

I have just been sent a copy of Road Racing- Drivers of the 60s and 70s by Linda Weldon and it’s a cracker.

Linda was clearly more interested in capturing the personalities and expressions of the drivers out of their cars and it makes a welcome change.

Linda is certainly an attractive lady and I imagine she would have stood out like a beacon in the paddock, well dressed and armed with camera in the 1960s and 70s.

Dare I say it, but you immediately notice that in many of the shots the drivers are looking straight down the lens with cheeky smiles and smoldering eyes.  These looks are no doubt something that only a female photographer could capture and it gives the book a different edge and an unique insight  into the drivers personalities.

About the book Linda said” This book is a compilation of pictures taken at a time when photographers were able to get very close to the action.  I used a Nikon camera with various telephoto lenses.  Tri-X and Plus-X film was utilized.  Each shot had to count, so very little color was used.”

The years took a toll on the negatives that were not stored properly.  She recovered all that survived in boxes to assemble this book.

The book has been published under the name Linda Weldon, Feldhorn’s name at the time she took the images.

Beginning with her first visit to Riverside International Raceway in 1966, Feldhorn would go on to attend dozens of auto racing events, mostly on the west coast. Over the next 10-plus years, she would snap pictures of legendary racers like Dan Gurney, Stirling Moss, Jackie Stewart, Denis Hulme, Bruce McLaren, A.J. Foyt, Mark Donohue, Peter Revson, Mario Andretti, Parnelli Jones and many more, all of whom are featured in the book.

Complementing the photos of each driver are brief biographies, written by John B. Heimann, summarizing their career with a focus on their road racing in North America.

In addition to candid photos of the drivers, the book features many action racing shots from the great road racing series of the time. The Sports Car Clubs of America’s Can Am, Trans Am and Formula 5000 series are the focus of the book.

I was drawn to the excitement of it all,” says Feldhorn of her attraction to racing. “Most of my photographs were taken before or between races. My camera was the conduit that allowed me to capture many of these professional drivers with their guard down. I was able to get some candid shots that showcased the personalities and characters of these heroes of speed and skill. The book is a collection of timeless photographs from an era of motorsports that became the foundation for modern day racing.”

The book is priced at US$45.00 and is available to order at www.lindaweldon.com.

Grab yourself a copy.

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