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Video: Group B Rally monsters

Submitted by on May 7, 2010

Take a moment to enjoy this stirring video featuring those fire breathing Group B rally monsters of the 1980s.

The beginning and end of this video features Ari Vatanen talking about the crash that almost took his life, whilst trying to explain why he and his fellow drivers,  keep rallying when the risks are so great.

Then we are hit with a dramatic soundtrack which ignites the soul and we see stunning footage that reminds us of the raw power and speed of those incredible Peugeots, Audis, Fords and Lancias.

The mood then turns dark as we hear the voice of  Markku Alén talking about the difficulty of turning up to the next rally after Henri Toivonen and Sergo Cresto were killed in Corsica.

To sum up the craziness of the era Vatanen explains.

I do ask sometimes when it happens, is it worth it? And then a human being bounces back, and after a little while you recover your own energy and you are looking forward and after when you are doing something you sincerely love you are absolutely hooked by it. And the reasons why we are hooked by different things in our life cannot be explained. It’s due to several things and I think a human being always finds a justification in himself to continue in his pursuit of whatever it happens to be.


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