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Tony Crampton and the Art of the Automobile

Submitted by on November 18, 2011


Inspired by his love of cars and motorsport, Tony Crampton has turned his artistic eye to the magic motorsport of the seventies.

He has created The Art of the Automobile, a collection of paintings that depict motorsport and automotive icons doing what they do best – going fast and looking awesome.

A strong flair for design permeates each of his works; which use bold colours, shapes and lines along with paint drippings and imperfections to produce a retro feel and do great justice to the powerful aesthetics of the cars he loves. His attention to detail and eye for composition gives the cars presence and captures a wonderful sense of movement, purpose and stance.

There isn’t just design skill on display here. Crampton moves through different aesthetics in each work in the series, referencing advertising, photography, design and film. I love the filmic imagery and composition, complete with depth of field and ‘bokeh’, seen in Mulsanne, and the advertising influence in Absolute Power makes for a very powerful image.

He offers prints, original works and limited edition retro t-shirts on his website. Hit this link to check it out, and enjoy the paintings!

Images via Flatout.hk

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