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Building a Vintage Racing Motorcycle: Seeley Norton

Submitted by on December 10, 2011

Building and Racing a Vintage Seeley Norton

Filled with the pioneering spirit, on the first of January 2011, Kenny Cummings and Dan Rose set out on an adventure. They had a long list of custom made race parts and a simple goal: to make it to the track with their Seeley MKII Racing Norton motorcycle by the end of the year, and win.

The pair got together when Dan approached Kenny for his help in rebuilding and bringing up to date an original Seeley MKIII Norton 750cc. Bringing that bike within the rules of WERA and AHRMA (American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association) competition, however, was a massive project and wouldn’t produce a seriously competitive bike.

Kenny’s bike, however, was seriously competitive. Four-time AHRMA National Champion and professional musician/builder and tuner of racing bikes, he was (is) racing a Seeley MKII Norton that he had built himself. He had the knowledge, experience and contacts to build a beautiful racing bike.

The right contacts and good fortune provided them with a frame hand-fabricated by Roger Tichmarsh – a work of art with the blessing of Colin Seeley himself. Next came a motor to be built from the machined mastery of Steve Maney’s bits, and the project was under way at full speed.

The pair have built a website to tell their story, and it’s really something special. It gives an engaging insight into building and racing a project vintage race bike, the history of the bikes and the people who build and race them, and the community that surrounds it all.

The bike they have built is glorious, and so is the website. Check it out here.

Via Seeley Norton

Images via Seeley Norton

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