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Video: Jackie Stewart on Project 34

Submitted by on December 23, 2011

Hop in Tyrrell’s ‘Project 34’ for a run around Paul Ricard with Jackie Stewart a few weeks after the radical racer was introduced in London.

Designed by Derek Gardner, the P34 is one of Formula One’s more radical machines. It used four small 10-inch wheels with specially-produced tyres that generated less lift than standard tyres. The reduced lift from the front wheels and tyres meant that the car could run less front-wing. This would make the car nice and slippery through the air, giving it an advantage on the straights and a nice big contact-patch from the extra tyres to work with in corners.

It hit the track in anger for the first time at Jarama in 1976 and both Jody Scheckter and Patrick Depailler were able to wring good speed out of it during the ’76 season. A highlight one-two finish in the Swedish Grand Prix at Anderstorp gave the P34 its best result, which was unfortunately not repeated.

Those specially-produced tiny tyres would prove troublesome, as their lack of development resulted in the P34 dropping off the pace and, by the end of 1977, out of Grand Prix competition.

The video features the eminently-listenable Jackie Stewart narrating a lap of Paul Ricard and providing his thoughts on the then brand-spanking new P34.

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