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Video: Fresh Moods

Submitted by on December 22, 2011

The internet can throw up some interesting surprises, even when it seems everything imaginable (and slightly too much that isn’t) has already had its 15 (megabytes) minutes of fame.

So it was with surprise and pleasure that I stumbled upon “Fresh Moods” and the Vimeo channel of Zentral Modul; the unlikely combination of exceptional vintage race footage, photography by Schlegelmilch Photography and laidback, lounging chillout music.

A strange combination by description but I could watch footage of Clark, Cevert, Peterson, Hulme and the like set to any soundtrack and the contemplative nature of the music actually works a treat. And when you read about the Boris and Rainer Schlegelmilch (and Boris’ conception at Le Mans in ‘69) it all makes a little more sense.

If you have Apple TV (which has Vimeo built in) it is fantastic on the big screen through the sound system, otherwise I’d recommend headphones for a few solitary minutes’ indulgence.


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