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Top Five of 2011: Art and Design

Submitted by on January 5, 2012

Legonds: Historic Race Cars in Lego

Incredible creativity, workmanship and design abound in all of them, from the simple but unmistakable W196 to the ridiculous detail of the Jaguar. Amazing work!

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Ayrton Senna Tattoos

The SENNA movie appears to have really struck a chord with a generation of fans who never saw him race. And to show their respect for the great Brazilian, they are getting inked.

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Racing Machines and the Artistry in Innards

Racing cars are beautiful things; sleek, pure, and purposeful. They sit atop the tarmac and emanate potential. They look as if they are bursting through the air at full speed, even when they are sitting still.

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1970 Formula 1 illustrations

Enjoy these fabulous illustrations of the 1970 Formula 1 grid by artist Vincent Gaye.

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Digital Dripping: The art of Michele Leonello

These striking artworks have been produced by artist and designer Michele Leonello.

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Markus Haub’s Racing Legends

Cars have the potential to be objects of stunning beauty. Racing cars doubly so.

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