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For Sale: Bob Akin “Coca Cola” Le Mans Porsche 935

Submitted by on March 4, 2012

Bob Akin "Coca Cola" Le Mans Porsche 935

Porsche 935s are pretty wild, even in their least modified, tamest state. Bob Akin’s 1982 935 is something else.

In 1982 the reign of the 935 was coming to an end and Porsche’s 956 was beginning its ascent into motorsport legend. If you wanted to run a 935 competitively in IMSA GTP or Group C you had to push the envelope in terms of development, and this particular 935 took that ethos to the nth degree.

It runs a Lola T600 GTP nose as part of an extremely aggressive aero package, purpose-built monocoque bonded aluminum chassis and the 935 internals that proved themselves time and time again in the world’s most brutal races.

Not ready in time for more conventional testing, its debut and initial testing took place at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, where it was forced out when the reserve tank malfunctioned. From Le Mans it went to IMSA GTP, where it secured a 4th place at Mid Ohio at the hands of Bob Akin and Hurley Haywood. Akin and Derek Bell steered it for its remaining two races at Road Atlanta and Daytona.

It has since received a full restoration and race preparation and is ready for its next 30 years of racing.

Via Canepa Design

Images via Canepa Design

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