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Photo Gallery: 2012 Longford Revival Festival

Submitted by on March 30, 2012

Longford Revival

Inspired by the Goodwood festivals, Australia’s second Longford Revival Festival was staged in rural Tasmania last weekend.

Speed demonstrations along a straight section of the old Longford road circuit – famously titled ‘The Flying Mile’ – had drivers approaching 160mph (260kph) on what is a narrow, slightly undulating country road. An impressive cross section of new and old filled the Paddock, with a sprinkling of truly iconic and exotic vehicles on display or on hand for serious active participation.

Longford Revival

Witnessing the high speeds attained along this slender, tree lined straight reinforces the legendary status of the heroes that raced here. The likes of Brabham, Clark, Hill, McLaren and Stewart feature on Longford’s entry lists. During the final Longford meeting in March 1968, Chris Amon – on his way to setting the outright lap record – reached a staggering 182mph down The Flying Mile driving a Ferrari P4.

For an event in its infancy, the Longford Revival Festival resinates with the charm of a 1960s club meeting. It’s an event that deserves to grow and prosper; to become recognised globally as a ‘must see’ on the historic motorsport calendar.

Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and will be back!

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