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Gear: 8380 Laboratories Apparel and Prints

Submitted by on July 24, 2012

Porsche 962 print

The gear from 8380 Laboratories is some of the freshest and most exciting to hit the market in recent times. Check out a sample of their range.

962 “Decade of Dominance” Art Print

First edition of (40) 8-color, 24″×18″ prints – signed and numbered & hand-printed on 100lb. French Durotone paper with hand-mixed TWGraphics inks.

After dominating IMSA GTP, European Group C, the World Sportscar Championship, the Interserie championship, Supercar series, All Japan Sports Prototype Championship and virtually any other race it entered from 1984 through the early 90’s, the 962 truly lives up to the phrase “Decade of Dominance”.

BTCC ’92 Champion T-Shirt

Tim Harvey drove the #8 Vic Lee Motorsport 318is to the 1992 British Touring Car Championship. His 1992 title was achieved by winning five of the last seven races, having previously only won once.  A dramatic final race saw him beat John Cleland (Vauxhall Cavalier) and reigning champion Will Hoy (Toyota Carina) to the title, after Hoy suffered an engine failure and Cleland clashed with Harvey’s team-mate Steve Soper.

F40 Competizione T-Shirt

The F40 was initially developed as a successor to the 288 GTO and intended to compete against the Porsche 959 in FIA Group B.  When the FIA ended the Group B class in 1986, Ferrari was left with the same decision as Porsche – and in this case Enzo Ferrari’s desire to bolster his legacy with one last supercar allowed the program to continue on as a car intended solely for street use.  Despite the fact that the car never received factory backing, it ended up seeing competition beginning in 1989 in the IMSA GTO class.  It was competitive in IMSA before moving onto international GT competition in series such as the JGTC and BP Global GT Series.  .

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