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Photo Gallery: Topography of Racing by Dale Kistemaker

Submitted by on August 9, 2012

ATS formula 1

As unforgettable  and important as any of the drivers, riders or personalities in classic motorsport are the tracks on which it all took place.

The tumultuous and treacherous topography of the Nordschleife, the sweeps of Spa, the streets of Monaco; these are the classic motorsport characters which have been with us always; challenging, inspiring and sometimes punishing the heroes of the sport and thrilling its fans all the while.


These are the places in which our formative memories of racing are set.

Austrian Grand PrixAnd this is the latest in our series of photo specials showcasing the wonderful work of Dale Kistemaker, spanning one of the most exciting eras of motorsport – the early ’80s.

interdit-2-signToday we are treated to a new perspective on the topography of racing, as captured by the creative chops of Dale Kistemaker. Enjoy!

Images: © Dale Kistemaker, poeticsofspeed

photographer3cars-austria-signGet in contact with him at this link to buy prints of these photographs

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