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The Classic Motorsport Art of Alain Baudouin

Submitted by on September 15, 2012

Mille Miglia

Ferrari Testa Rossa 1958, driving on a Mille Miglia road – Acrylics on canvas 65x46cm, prints available

Born in the ’50s just a short stroll from Circuit de la Sarthe, Alain Baudouin has not missed a Le Mans race since his first event in 1957. Every Le Mans race car that he has painted is one which he has personally watched race by at La Sarthe.

In 1970, he participated as an extra in Steve McQueen’s epic Le Mans and has been helping the 24 Hours of Le Mans run smoothly as a pit marshall for 20 years… always dreaming about painting.

His works are stunning and unique, and come from a nearly unparalleled background. Check ’em out below and read on to hear from the man himself.

Thanks to Alain Baudouin

Le Mans

Porsche 917s at Arnage corner, Le Mans 1970; the long tail is Vic Elford’s; the Gulf short tail is Jo Siffert’s (this car or same car will be used for the Steve McQueen movie) – Acrylics on canvas 81x54cm, prints available

“Now retired from an engineering business, I moved from a 25 years painting hobby to a full time artist work and opened a workshop to the public in le Mans some months ago; so far, very good welcome by the fans.”

“My work is also exhibited in a gallery dedicated to automotive art in Paris, the Galerie Vitesse.”

“I also painted many Formula One cars (almost 200) for french magazines and illustrated  the book of Roger Smith “F1, all the races” (Haynes publ.)”


Ferrari 330 P4 – 1967 – the most beautiful Le Mans car never to win – Full scale triptych – Acrylics on canvas 430 x 103 cm

“As I have more room available now I am trying to specialize in full scale car paintings (see the Ferrari 330 P4 P4; I am currently painting a full scale 1952 Cunningham) and I hope that my workshop could become a car racing fan meeting place, one day!”

“I am also currently painting a series of acrylics about the USA and the Route 66 (see in the background of the P4 picture); trying desperately to find a gallery in the US.”

Ford GT40

 Ford GT 40 winning car Le Mans 1968, scene of Mauro Bianchi’s Alpine accident (his brother Lucien Bianchi at the wheel of the GT40) – Acrylics on canvas 65x46cm, prints available

Aston Martin

Aston Martin DBR1 winning car #5, Le Mans 1959, the cockpit ;  Acrylics on canvas 100x50cm, prints available

Jim Clark

Formula 1, example of an illustration of the 200 winning car series  – Acrylics on paper, prints available

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