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Top Five of 2012: Formula One

Submitted by on January 3, 2013

One hit wonder: The Brabham Fan Car

Adrian Newey, genius. Gordon Murray, ‘God’. Racing rules are very definitive so it takes brilliant and inventive minds to find loopholes. Newey has made a skill of it, as did Murray.


Rubens Barrichello: Born to race

Thanks to www.Sutton-Images.com

KV Racing and the Izod Indycar’s series gain is huge. Formula 1 has called time on a brilliant servant, a guy that had F1 on his mind practically since the day he was born.


Renault: Powering Formula 1 Champions

Images: TheCahierArchive©

Since 1977 Renault has retained a constant presence in F1, both as a manufacturer and engine supplier. Its first car, the RS01, pioneered turbocharging in F1 – with forced-induction power becoming de rigueur soon after.


Gunnar Nilsson Memories: Part One

Image: TheCahierArchive©

There are some guys who are quickly forgotten. Gunnar Nilsson could well be one of those. But he shouldn’t be. One Grand Prix win 35 years ago doesn’t do him justice. His work for cancer research has helped a lot of people.


David Purley: Fearless

David Purley is a hero. Some would say an unsung one, but just a quick look at his life, and it will take you less than two minutes to realise this guy was like no other.


Clay Regazzoni: The man who could never stop

Image: TheCahierArchive©

Clay Regazzoni is one of those drivers that seemingly would have fitted in any racing decade from the 1950s onwards.


Formula 1: Strike one. South Africa, 1982

Special thanks to LAT, www.latphoto.co.uk

The drivers were unified, for once, All fighting against tiny clauses in their Superlicence contracts. It sparked a remarkable weekend.


Stepping stones to F1: Mika Hakkinen and Allan McNish

The route used to be simple: Karting, Formula Ford, F3, F3000 and F1. Easy huh?


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