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Lex Davison and the Fearsome Holman-Moody 427 Ford Galaxie

Submitted by on March 7, 2013

 Lex Davison

“The big bitch nearly killed me!”

They don’t make ‘em like they used to! Following a massive stack in the ’64 Sandown International Six Hour, Lex Davison was not thrilled with the long-form handling characteristics of Sir Gawaine Baillie’s mighty seven-litre Ford Galaxie.

Davison was partnered with Sir Baillie for the race, and the Galaxie was completely dominant; delighting the crowds with its spectacular performance and the tremendous racket Davison’s right boot elicited from its mighty motor.

However, the Galaxie was a far cry from the lithe and nimble single-seaters Davison had previously raced so successfully, and required a careful balance of bravado and madness to wring the best out of it.

Which makes the story of how it came to be, how it came to Australia and how it ended up dangling off the edge of a cliff at Sandown a fascinating one.

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Image thanks to Autopics.com.au

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