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Porsche Goes Faster, Further.

Submitted by on August 20, 2013

Porsche 917

“A lot of companies race because it’s good for the brand. Porsche races because it’s the air they breathe.” – Dan Neil

This video, put together to promote Porsche By Design: Seducing Speed, an exhibition at the¬†North Carolina Museum of Art, goes to a who’s-who of Porsche racing royalty to discover what makes Porsches go faster, further.

“You’d talk to the drivers. Derek bell who drove the 917. They’d say I can’t believe we got into those things. They were incredibly dangerous. Your feet were ahead of the front wheels. You were sitting in front of a 12-cylinder engine.” – Robert Cumberford

It centers around the 917, even briefly featuring the rare 16-cylinder development, is packed with historic racing footage of Porsches in action and features some really interesting insights into Porsche’s racing philosophy and drive. Great stuff!

Porsche by Design: Seducing Speed is on at the North Carolina Museum of Art from the October 12, 2013 to January 20, 2014.

Image: Still from the video



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