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Lotus-Cortina Mk I: The Extraordinary Came at a Cost

Submitted by on September 6, 2013


Fitting snuggly in between Lotus’ Type 27 – a Formula Junior version of the Formula 1 Type 25 – and the Indy 500-destined Type 29, the Lotus-Cortina arrived during a golden age of Chapman-designed motorsport success.

Installing Chapman’s “add lightness” mantra to a mass production Ford wasn’t easy, but the most rewarding things usually aren’t, so the Lotus-Cortina would go on to become not only a branding success, but a true classic.

Head to the Shannons Club for the Lotus-Cortina Mk 1’s story, and to learn about why the extraordinary came at a cost.

Image via the Shannons Club

Via the Shannons Club

Shannons Club

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