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Video: 1969 Italian GP – The closest F1 finish ever?

Submitted by on September 11, 2013

Monza has played witness to some of the most terrific finishes in Formula 1 history; alongside that of 1967, 1970 and of course, the 1971 which we ran in our Monza Moments piece last week, there’s this caught-on-camera gem from 1969.

A textbook example of racing brilliance, the video depicts Jackie Stewart waiting patiently in slipstream before shooting around the outside and snatching victory in what is commonly referred to as the closest 1,2,3,4 finish Formula 1 has ever seen.

It’s rumoured that Stewart specifically specified that his Matra MS80 be fitted with a top gear ratio that would allow him to exit the Parabolica and cross the finish line without upshifting – saving the fractions of a moment required to slingshot past Rindt and the pack to win the race.

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