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Video: Anticipating the Revival: 8 wild Goodwood moments

Submitted by on September 11, 2013

Near miss Goodwood Revival

The 2013 Goodwood Revival is set to be held this weekend, and we’re starting to feel the itch here at Motorsport Retro. The itch that is, to delve into the depths of the internet in order to paw over and retrieve our eight favourite videos from past events.

8. Jochen Mass rolls a Lancia Ferrari D50 

When this shocking video surfaced following the 2008 event, many viewers assumed that the driver must surely have been killed or at least seriously injured. The truth was that Jochen Mass walked away with little more than cuts and bruises, perhaps a testament to the safety of the Italian classic? (Or perhaps not!).


7. Drifting Jag!

Big speed, little tyres, hard driving. The right quantities of all the things we love most about competitive retro racing come together in this short, sweet clip of one big, sideways ’59 MK1 Cat.


6. The near-miss to end them all

Don’t let the name of the clip fool you – no vehicles actually appear to have been harmed in the making of this film. It is however, one of the closest calls we’ve come across at a Goodwood event – we’re betting there were some shaky hands in the minutes following this spectacular loss!


5. The near-miss to end them all #2

If this one wasn’t caught on camera, chances are none would believe it!


4. Ankle-tap

Featuring a spectacular rollover, this video allows you to fully appreciate the onset of the moment described by racers as ‘no return’, as well as the possible demise of a nice little Austin A35.


3. Million-dollar makeover

Filmed just last year, this one will hurt doubly as much for those who read our articles about the millions of dollars that a Maserati Birdcage can command. Driven by Joe Colasacco, the unbelievably rare Tipo 151 is a top tier collectable – a fact which makes watching the car rotate almost gracefully across the grass and into the beckoning barrier even harder to bear. Accidents involving wet grass often appear almost hypnotically slow, right up until the moment when metal meets rubber.


2. 2007 – The year of the anarchy

In what can only be described as utter chaos, this clip demonstrates the vintage racing equivalent of dominos as an oil-down by one driver unhinges not one, but 5 of his competitors!


1. Mini-Madness!

If you can watch this clip without cracking a smile at the sight of what can only described as Mini-madness, then something’s not quite right. With the entire five-minute race on offer and featuring both running commentary and in-car cuts, this is one of the most entertaining Goodwood clips yet!

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