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10 things you need to know about James Hunt, Niki Lauda and RUSH

Submitted by on October 3, 2013

1. Video: James Hunt punches marshall

James Hunt puches marshall

1977 Canadian Grand Prix, Hunt takes a swing at a marshall!

2. Photo Gallery: The best of Niki Lauda

Niki Lauda 1976

14 of our all-time favourite photos of Niki Lauda.

3. Video: Tooned 50 – The James Hunt story

hunt tooned

Cheeky and fun, Tooned tells the story of James Hunt story told like never before.

4. Video: Niki Lauda’s fiery Nurburgring crash 1976

Niki Lauda Crash

Hard to watch, impossible to turn away from. Watch the  infamous 1976 accident involving Niki Lauda.

5. Best of James Hunt Photo Gallery


You’ve scrolled through our 14 favourite Lauda shots, now take a look at the best of Hunt!

6. Documentary: Hunt vs Lauda  – Clash of the titans

Hunt vs Lauda

Looking for something a little bit more in-depth? This full-length documentary investigates the details.

7. Video Interview: Niki Lauda talks  RUSH

Lauda rush

Niki Lauda isn’t a man easily impressed – listen to the legend talk about how surprised he was with the authenticity of RUSH.

8. Video Interview: Daniel Bruhl and Chris Hemsworth talk RUSH

Daniel Bruhl and Chris Hemsworth

Daniel Bruhl and Chris Hemsworth worked brilliantly together on RUSH, each portraying their respective character with terrific accuracy. But did it come easy? Listen to them explain what the RUSH experience was like from their end, including Bruhl’s nerve-racking first meeting with the real-life Lauda.

9. Documentary: Greatest F1 Rivalries – Hunt vs Lauda

Lauda vs Hunt

A roller coaster tale of heroism and rivalry, the real-life story of RUSH is every bit as amazing as the Hollywood adaptation. Find out why here!

10. Video: The 1976 Japanese Grand Prix

Japan 1976

The race that decided it all: was the 1976 season won by Hunt, or lost by Lauda at the Japanese GP? Make up your own mind with this rare, free footage.

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