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Gallery: 10 brilliant Formula 1 cutaways

Submitted by on March 16, 2014

tumblr_mgfkd14EZf1s0arjyo1_1280Take a look at these 10 terrific images, which depict the inner workings of Formula 1 racing machines throughout the years.

We love cutaway images here at Motorsport Retro; there’s just something captivating about these artists impressions of what the greatest racing machines of each era look like beneath the skin. The detail is mind blowing from both artistic and engineering perspectives – with some of the machines you can’t help but wonder how on earth they manage to squeeze all of ‘that’ inside such a small, sleek racing car.

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Williams FW19

williamsfw07ckd6Williams FW07

TyrrellP34aTyrrell P34

1969lotus631oo4Lotus 63

1970-71-312BFerrari 312B

Lotus T95


Ferrari 156/85


Tyrrell Ford 007alfaromeo182t

Alfa Romeo 182T

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