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Gallery: Digital 1966 Ferrari 330 P3

Submitted by on March 16, 2014

ferrari p330 p3 1.jpga4e3f306-b4de-4028-88c7-f6140df941d0LargeTerrific digital artwork brings to life the awfully pretty Ferrari 330 P3.

Endlessly talented artist Squir of Turbosquid is back! In follow up to the unbelievable renderings he created in tribute to the Gulf GT40, we’re now able to bring you one of the GT40’s natural born enemies – the Ferrari 330.

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ferrari p330 p3 4.jpgd926fd75-5e3e-4b5b-9450-38ea4341ac27LargeOnce again, the attention to detail is nothing short of phenomenal.ferrari p330 p3 3.jpg799bce9e-e393-4002-83e0-0530e53be0f3Large…with every last detail, texture and reflection taken care of. Check out the worn surface of the tyre! ferrari p330 p3 6.jpg3b78ce42-5d73-485a-ba86-f2344b66ef59LargeMORE: Check out this exploding Ferrari 330 (and others)ferrari p330 p3 8.jpg7a84cc3f-35a5-495c-8011-982322468e6bLarge

ferrari p330 p3 9.jpg1ad738d7-b455-4006-ad8c-03d9995561f7Large

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