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For sale: Ex Alboreto Tyrrell 011 (1983)

Submitted by on May 18, 2014

1983 Tyrrell 011

Images: Hall & Hall

Purchased directly from Tyrrell, this car, chassis 06, was driven by Michele Alboreto to his first Formula 1 Grand Prix win, and is now up for sale at Hall & Hall.

1983 Tyrrell 011

Alboreto claimed his first grand prix win this car in the 1982 Caesars Palace Grand Prix – the championship-deciding final race of the 1982 season.

Both Alboreto’s Tyrrell and Eddie Cheever’s Talbot Ligier had been fast in practice, giving the turbo cars a run for their money, but Alain Prost and René Arnoux turned it up in qualifying to take pole and second place respectively.

1983 Tyrrell 011

Alboreto started in third, defending an enthusiastic Cheever at the start and going on to chase down the turbos throughout the race, eventually passing Prost for the lead, which he held comfortably to secure his first win, and Tyrrell’s first in four years.

The car’s offered for sale at Hall & Hall as part of a prominent collection. Hit this link to head to their official website for the full details.

Via Hall & Hall

Images via Hall & Hall

1983 Tyrrell 011

1983 Tyrrell 011

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