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Lancia LC2 – Wolf in Wolf’s clothing

Submitted by on July 19, 2014

Lancia LC2It looks as good as it sounds, and sounds as amazing as it goes. This is the Lancia LC2.

The glory days of Lancia are often remembered for their championship winning rally machines the Stratos and Delta S4, however there was a time when Lancia built long wheelbase tarmac hugging sportscars, too.

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10382303_707431782648945_5714667084932565728_oHailing from an era of Sportscar racing dominated by Porsche, the Ferrari powered Lancia LC2 is a striking machine. Upon debut in 1983 it was actually quicker than the Porsche 956, often taking pole position only to be bested by their own reliability and tyre issues.

10272523_707431815982275_676577959827659415_oWith a Ferrari-sourced 3L twin turbo engine, the LC2 was a marriage between a beautiful chassis and thundering driveline, and although it’s a shame that the car never realized the same level of success as Lancia experienced whilst racing Sportscars earlier in the 1980s, we’re glad it survives today for us to gawk over.

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These photos by Laurent Nivalle capture the beautiful lines and stunning colors of the Martini-draped Lancia LC2.


Full credit for these photos goes to the very talented Laurent Nivalle – take a look at his website.







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