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Peerless GT – Father & Son (video)

Submitted by on July 23, 2014

Peerless GTThe Peerless GT – An awesome little late 1950s British creation that you’ve probably never heard of.

Petrolicious videos are always a treat – they have perfected the art of telling engaging, human tales about the ownership of classic cars. This particular piece is an excellent example, noting the journey of Paul Cressey, his father Ron and their shared passion for historic motor racing.

Paul owns and drives this 1959 Peerless GT, whilst his father is known for running his own 1959 Corvette – sometimes in the same race as Paul. This video tells the tale of Ron, Paul and how the Peerless GT came to be in their lives, what it’s like to own, and what it’s really like to drive.

The Peerless marque only existed for three years, making the GT a pretty unique little machine. Whilst they’re no rocket ship by modern standards they’re certainly a bit of a fever machine – they’ve got the right shape, make all the right sounds and unquestionably ooze character. Enjoy this vid.

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