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Peter Brock – Behind the scenes (video)

Submitted by on July 23, 2014

Peter Brock 1987This rare piece of video footage gives us an extraordinary look into the race-weekend mindset of the most loved Australian racing car driver to ever live. Peter Brock.

Peter Brock is a household name in Australia, he’s one of the most recognized sportsmen the country has ever known. This television profile and interview by TVNZ  presents a fantastic behind the scenes piece looking directly into his mindset on a race weekend. Shot at the 1987 Wellington 500, it taken during one of the most controversial and interesting junctions in Brock’s career – right in the midst of his split from Holden.

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It’s an in-depth, personal production which affords us a very interesting insight into the mindset of the legend in the lead up, and during one of his top level touring car events. Not only that, we get to hear him talk about his at times controversial private life too.

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If you fancy winding the clock right back another eight full years from the piece above, check out this killer footage of Peter Brock in 1979:

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