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Murray Walker – The story behind the voice of F1

Submitted by on August 3, 2014

murray walker

“It wasn’t work” exclaims Murray Walker, whilst telling the tale of his extraordinary life.

This captivating piece peers into the life of famous Formula 1 commentator Murray Walker, who for many fans is as synonymous with the sport as Ferrari, McLaren or any of the other legend-like pillars that we’ve come to associate with F1.  This documentary is titled “It wasn’t work”, and just as it sounds, it’s a reflective piece on Walker’s passion for racing, starting with where it all came from – his father.

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Murray Walker has been commentating for the BBC since 1978, so for many fans he is absolutely part of the package that made them fall in love with Formula 1. In this piece, you’ll hear him talk about what it was really like to commentate with James Hunt, and why he rates Prost ahead of Senna.

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It’s been a short while since we ran a sit-down Sunday Movie piece; traditionally they’ve been a lengthy and engaging documentary style piece that we can all site down and enjoy. The return of the Sunday Movie this week is exactly that. We hope you enjoy it just as much as we do.

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