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1968 – Racing Recap – Video

Submitted by on December 28, 2014

1968 Hill Spain“The Racing Years” allows us to digest the glory and danger of historic motorsport piece by piece, and year by year. This episode takes us into the thick of 1968, the second and final year in which Graham Hill would become Formula One World Champion.

Opening Image: World Champion Graham Hill at the 1968 Spanish Grand Prix (The Cahier Archive)

Five Formula One racing drivers who started the 1968 season were not alive by the end of the year. Across Indy, F1, F2 and Sportscars the cars were fast, and safety was a secondary concern at best. Jim Clark, Mike Spence, Jo Schlesser and Ludovico Scarfiotti lost their lives, and have never been forgotten. Glory came at a very high price in 1968.

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