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Best of 2014: Classic Sportscar Racing

Submitted by on December 29, 2014

Video: Inside Porsche’s secret warehouse

Porsche's Secret Warehouse

Some of these cars are so secret, even Volkswagen doesn’t know about them. Let’s take a peek inside Porsche’s secret warehouse.

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Video: Onboard at Le Mans during a 300km/h+ blowout

Onboard at Le Mans

Watch in horror as the rear tyre of this Mercedes C11 explodes at more than 300km/h at Le Mans. It happened during qualifying for the classic during 2012, and could have very, very nearly gone totally wrong. The sound of that iconic Mercedes sportscar is awesome, too!

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Mazda 767B SCREAMS on the dyno – Video

Mazda 767B on the Dyno

Imagine being trapped in a sealed room with a quad-rotor Mazda 767B screaming its head off. Yep, that sounds like our idea of heaven, too…

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Porsche GT1 996 somersault – Road Atlanta 1998

Porsche GT1 996 Somersault

An unforgettable scene unfolds as a 996 Porsche GT1 does a backward flip whilst racing at Road Atlanta Petit Le Mans. There’s a lesson in there about down force, somewhere.

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Video: Incredible beauty of the Ferrari 250 GTO

Ferrari 250 GTO

Is this the finest automotive shape of all time?

The latest piece from Petrolicious is pretty special, which comes as no surprise when you consider that the feature vehicle is one of the most desirable automobiles man has ever built – the Ferrari 250 GTO.

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Jaguar XJR 15 race – 1991 – Monaco

Jaguar XJR 15 Race

A field of 1/2 million pound Jags, Murray Walker commentating and drivers with names like Warwick, Brabham, Needell, Euser and Wolleck. This was the 1991 Monaco Grand Prix Jaguar XJR 15 race.

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