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Best of 2014: Classic Motorsport Art

Submitted by on December 31, 2014

The wonderful art of Evan Deciren

Evaqn Deciren Art

Images: Evan Deciren

Projecting pure energy through faultless and bold design, Evan Deciren’s motorsport art celebrates cars, riders and drivers who made motorsport history in the sport’s golden ages.

Evan’s work is prolific, with a huge library featuring everyone from Kevin Schwantz to Jörg van Ommen, Niki Lauda and more. And it’s all stunning!

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Action, Energy, Speed and Spectacle: Klaus Wagger’s Automotive Art

Klaus Wagger Automotive Art

Image: Klaus Wagger

Klaus Wagger’s automobile art has energy, spectacle, passion and a gripping aesthetic to match the mighty classic racecars that are his subject. It’s magnificent, and you have to check it out.

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Anything But Ugly Motos

Ugly Motos

Image: Ugly Moto

As meticulous in its detail as it is arresting in its aesthetic, Francis’ Ooi’s classic racing bike art, going by the brand Ugly Moto, is absolutely gorgeous.

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The Atmosphere and Light of Classic Racing: Barry Rowe

Barry Rowe Art

Images: Barry Rowe

“An atmosphere and interaction that allows you to see every automobile at its finest.”

Capturing light, atmosphere and auto racing with a unique and immersive style, Barry Rowe’s automobile art is uniquely evocative and atmospheric.

From Saturday mornings spent gazing at damaged racing cars left outside of Jaguar’s factory in Coventry Barry moved on to a career in advertising as an art director. From there he became a freelance painter, winning Sotherby’s prestigious Art Award with a portrait of Juan Manuel Fangio and now counting Aston Martin, Mercedes Benz, and Pebble Beach amongst his clientele.

And we can see why!

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The Return of the Retro Art of Tom Havlasek

Tom Havlasek Art

Image: Tom Havalsak

We first encountered Tom Havalsak’s ravishing retro art back in the wild old days of 2013, and we loved the way he captured the bombastic character of the golden age of motorsport. He recently got in touch to share some of his new work with everyone, and it’s even better.

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Video: Paper Dreams

Paper Dreams

The amazing three-minute story of how one man went from making F1 cars from paper, to designing the real thing for Red Bull.

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