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Jim Clark’s final race – Video

Submitted by on December 8, 2014

Jim Clark's final raceHallowing scenes unfold as the unthinkable happens on the Hockenheim Ring, April 7th 1968. A young cameraman was there to capture Jim Clark’s final race. This edit is both beautiful and tragic at the same time. 1968 started out so promisingly for Jim Clark, the Scot took his 25th Formula One Grand Prix victory at South Africa, becoming the most successful driver at the time in the history of Formula One.

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Weeks later the unthinkable happened, and the unbelievable talented Clark lost his life whilst racing in Germany on the Hockenheim Ring. The young cameraman Marten Taege was at the track documenting the race, Jim Clark’s last race. The imagines he captured have now been edited into this short piece.

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Clark is still regarded as one of the greatest racing driver of all time.

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