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Best of 2014: Classic Crashes

Submitted by on January 3, 2015

Video: Longest Jump – World record attempt gone wrong

The Longest Jump

When you’re flying through the air and something goes wrong, the whole situation can unravel very quickly.

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Video: Ford Escort MK1 – terrifying high speed rally crash

For Escort MK1 Rally Crash

When things go wrong whilst airborne, they really go wrong. Watch as spectators rush to this drivers aid before the car even begun to run out of momentum – this is because it’s immediately obvious that this is going to be a particularly nasty accident. Luckily, both driver and co-driver were fine. The car however, was another story.

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“My balls were on fire!” – Gerhard Berger on his shocking Imola crash

Berger Imola Crash

Gerhard Berger talks about his horrifying crash during the San Marion Grand Prix 25 years ago.

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Video: Kenny Brack’s HUGE stack (2003)

Kenny Brack Crash

Watch as Kenny Brack‘s IndyCar catches air in 2003 whilst racing in Texas, the result being a terrifying high speed crash which is said to have resulted in the highest g-force impact of its kind on record.

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Formula 3 chaos – Macau 1995 – Video

Formula 3 Macau 1995

A pileup of epic Formula 3 proportions unfolds on the first lap of the 1995 Macau Grand Prix. Trulli, Schumacher and Couto escape – the rest of the field aren’t so lucky.

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