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Beautiful Bespoke Automotive Art by Steve Schenko

Submitted by on March 21, 2015

Framed Orange Porsche HR

Artworks by Steve Schenko of 1-of-1 Bespoke Art

Steve Schenko, creator of 1-of-1 Bespoke Art, is a Sydney-based art director creating stunning bespoke artworks for car enthusiasts with an eye for design. His minimalist motoring masterpieces are held within, along with an exclusive offer for the Motorsport Retro family.

When Steve finally pulled the trigger on his very own classic Porsche, the 911’s classic lines inspired him to create a minimalist artwork featuring the car. This would be the first 1-of-1 print.

Framed Brown Motorbike

Later a good friend was turning 50, so Steve made an artwork of his 911 GT3 as a gift. Upon receiving the gift his friend exclaimed “You’ve got to start selling these!”, and so Steve has!

“I’ve conceded that it’s never going to be a big money maker, which to be honest is OK. The upside is that I’m talking on a daily basis to like minded people, it’s kind of like heading to a Cars and Coffee meet every day.”

He creates high-end bespoke design pieces for like-minded car enthusiasts with an eye for design. Each work is made to order and drawn from scratch.

Framed Blue 911

And he has a very special offer just for you! He’s offering a 15% discount when you purchase framed or unframed artworks from now until the 30th of April, 2015. Simply head to www.1-of-1.com.au and use the promo code MOTOSPORT15.

Enjoy a few more examples of Steve’s art below.

Artworks by, and thanks to, Steve Schenko of 1-of-1 Bespoke Art

Autofokus SS

Framed Cream Porsche

Framed Grey Porsche

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