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A Miniature Lotus Model Made for Jim Clark

Submitted by on March 21, 2015

Jim Clark Miniature Lotus Model

A feat of mini engineering, this Lotus model was made by Henri Baigent to be presented to Jim Clark in recognition of his incredible skill and the Grand Prix victories he achieved through it.

Baigent’s skills may reside in a different, slower-paced field to Clark’s, but are no less extraordinary – this is a model you have to see.

His models are miniature motorcar marvels, exacting in size and detail. They’re not fully functional, but they’re clearly spot-on mechanically as you can see when Baigent compresses the Lotus’ suspension. He handmakes the cars, going into as much detail as to hand cut the tread in the tyres.

Clark’s Lotus is recreated here in 1/12 scale and is absolutely beautiful – a worthy tribute to the great racer. Sadly Clark would pass away before it was presented to him, but we’re pleased that a work of such skill and beauty lives on in celebration of his achievements.

Hit play on the video below to enjoy the classic period footage of Clark at work on the track, followed by Baigent at work in his work shop.

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