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Relive the Moments of the 1992 Formula 1 World Championship

Submitted by on March 22, 2015

Mansell 1992 Monaco

Nigel Mansell on the streets of Monaco, 1992, thanks to the Cahier Archive

The 1992 Formula 1 World Championship – in which Nigel becomes World Champion, gives Senna a lift, and breaks a few records along the way. It was a good year for Nigel Mansell, Williams and the FW14, but they weren’t the only team bringing us excitement!

They had brought the most technically-advanced machine ever to have graced Formula 1, however, and it was quite a controversial one! The FW14 had a semi-automatic transmission, active suspension and traction control. It also had incredible aerodynamics designed by Adrian Newey, who was loving playing with Williams’ budget after his time at March.

In it, Mansell would kick off the season by winning a then record-breaking five in a row, pilling up a similarly-record-breaking nine wins and two second place finishes on the way to his World Championship drivers’ title. Williams would secure the constructors’ title handily, accruing 164 points to McLaren’s 99.

The story of a Formula 1 world championship can not be told with numbers, however, which is where this video comes in. It’s a montage of the 1992 Formula 1 World Championship’s great moments, and it’s well worth spending a few minutes enjoying.

Image thanks to the Cahier Archive

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