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Buy Paul Laguette’s Unique Drawings from $100

Submitted by on March 6, 2015

Senna Toleman

Artworks by Paul Laguette

The only drawing video I’ve seen that features cruising in classic cars and aerial footage, this behind the scenes look into the creative process of one of our favourite artists, Paul Laguette, is full of value-adds for the classic motorsport fan. Enjoy a few minutes spent in the studio as Paul creates the stunning works of classic automotive art that he calls Automotive Doodles.

Lauda Ferrari

The video follows Paul as he works on an interpretation of a Cahier image of Niki Lauda’s Formula 1 Ferrari. And for added kicks, it includes some classic cruising in a beautifully-restored 1970 BMW 2002.

It’s hard to classify Paul Laguette as just an automotive artist, since he has spent the majority of his 25-year career in the industry as a graphic designer. Most of it spent as an art director for various motorsport magazines.


His real passion has always been illustration and samples of his works can be found scattered among such top magazines as RACER, SportsCar, Road & Track, Motor Trend, Automobile, Porsche Panorama and Autosport. The native Southern Californian has even designed Daytona 500 Logos and the American Le Mans Logo.

To Paul, nothing tops the two covers he designed for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 2014. One for the inaugural Indy Car road race and the other for the Indy 500. When asked, Paul will tell you that last year was his most enjoyable. As he told us, “It was because I started doodling on paper again. I went back to the basics”.

Porsche Pink Pig 917

These doodles have an elegant simplicity about them that make them all the more evocative and beautiful. And they’re available for sale! If you’re interested in Paul’s work look no further than his Facebook page. He often posts his original doodles (as he calls them) for as little as $100!

To get feel for how Paul works on one of his doodles and for a fascinating look into the mystery of the artistic process, enjoy his video below. It has a wonderful setup and atmosphere, but if you’d like to get stuck straight into the action, skip to 1:40 in.

Follow Paul on Facebook here

And check out his website here

Artworks by Paul Laguette



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