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The Marvelous Miniature Motorcycles of Pere Tarragó

Submitted by on March 6, 2015

Pere Tarragó Motorcycles

Images: Pere Tarragó

What is this, a bike for ants?

Pere Tarragó’s 1:5 and 1:6-scale classic motorcycles are so close to the real thing that if not aware of the scale, you’d struggle to tell them apart. Especially when you play with their functional brakes, clutch, suspension, wheels and transmission. They’re amazing, and you need to check ’em out.

Pere Tarragó Motorcycles

The output of the classic motorsport community never ceases to amaze us. From incredible historic racing going on around the world to restorations, art and photography, someone, somewhere is making something amazing happen in motorsport every single day.

And every now and then, someone goes and knocks us off of our feet with something truly next-level. Pere Tarragó floored us this week, with his immaculate 1:5 and 1:6-scale motorcycles.

Pere Tarragó Motorcycles

Based in the Spanish town of Molins de Rei, Pere Tarragó is a motorcycle builder working on scale models of classic bikes. He focuses on Spanish bikes, those from Bultaco, Montesa and OSSA, but dabbles in the two-wheeled output of the Italians and Americans as well.

Pere Tarragó Motorcycles

His process began with building his own tools that could work with his chosen scale, and each bike begins with meticulous study, drawings and plans. From there he builds using authentic materials and goes so far as to create working brakes, clutch, suspension, wheels and transmissions depending on the bike. He finishes up with the utterly awesome and on-point aesthetics you see before you.

Head to his website here and join him on Facebook here. Head to his page over at the Internet Craftsmanship Museum to learn more about him.

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Images via Pere Tarragó

Pere Tarragó Motorcycles

Pere Tarragó Motorcycles

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