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Video: Dick Johnson’s says F*** on live US TV

Submitted by on March 29, 2015

Dick Johnson 1989

In which Dick Johnson takes an excursion from the track, parks in the tyre barrier and unleashes an interview of such majesty it’ll make your week.

Held at what is now Sonoma, then the Sears Point International Raceway, the 1989 Banquet Frozen Foods 300 put on 74 laps of the exciting road circuit. Road racing talents Rusty Wallace and Ricky Rudd would rush to the front and duke it out in a fantastic race-long battle.

“It’s as slippery as a butcher’s block up here.”

But the highlight for us would happen a little further down the order, when Dick Johnson took an excursion from the track late in the race. He parked it up on the tyre barriers with the front end pointing to the sky. While he was waiting to be freed from the predicament the ESPN commentators gave him a call to catch up.

The interview’s great and we’re not going to spoil it. Check it out, and make sure to stay until the end for the in-car replay footage as Dick makes his exit from the track!

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If you enjoyed that, take a few moments to catch the last few laps of the race as Wallace and Rudd duke it out for the win.

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