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The Evolving Formula of Formula 1 Magic

Submitted by on March 15, 2015


“The magic of Formula 1 is no different now. It has lost nothing. Your entry point is simply at a different time in the evolution.”

Spend a few minutes awash in the beautiful sights and sounds of historic Formula 1 cars in this stunning short film by Mario Muth. And then descend into a deep contemplation of the message and how it relates to our appreciation of the sport.

Or just watch it again to enjoy the cars, because they really are lovely and the film presents them beautifully.

This post is a little like a choose your own adventure book. You’ve reached an intersection, and can choose one of two paths. Or take one and then go back to see how life is on the other side! This film is available in narrated, or non-narrated form, and you can check ’em both out below.

“You will never forget your first time. Sitting trackside at your favourite corner; hearing the engines firing up far away in the pit lane; the excitement building.”

Evolving Formula – The Magic of F1 is a short film that provokes some compelling internal debate for us. At face value it’s a beautifully-shot vignette of historic Formula 1 racing in the current day. The aesthetic is stunning, the racing is beautifully-shot and little details and moments are captured wonderfully. The sound is well-recorded and faithfully projects the unforgettable engine notes of these majestic machines.

“We will look back at the current cars with the same appreciation we have for these loud, violent, smelly and simple machines.”

Sound is also where it gets very interesting to us, because of the narration. The narration begins by capturing the thrill and enjoyment we all feel for the sport, reminiscing about the early experiences that fired our passions. And then it gets contemplative, considering our attachment to the past and how it relates to our appreciation of the present sport and its future.

It’s an interesting concept, and one which we’ve enjoyed rolling around in our heads (in which there is plenty of room for rolling (and bouncing of the many kinds)). So watch, enjoy and think, and let us know – will we look back at the current cars with the same love we have for loud, violent, smelly and simple old cars?

Film and quotes – Mario Muth

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