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Take a Lap of Goodwood in a Low-Drag E-Type Jaguar

Submitted by on March 17, 2015

Low-Drag E-Type Jaguar On-Board

Anyone up for a quick lap of Goodwood in a Low-Drag E-Type Jaguar? It’ll be speedy, sideways at times and set to a very special straight-six soundtrack.

Alastair McCaig is at the wheel and does a magnificent job of piloting the E-Type around Goodwood’s graceful bends. Hopping on board you get a very good feel for the weight of the car, and the work McCaig is putting in to keep everything straight while keeping the boot in.

The car is a replica of one of the most famous Low-Drag E-Types, 49 FXN, built by Valley Motorsport. Developed to the pinnacle of aerodynamic knowledge at the type, 49 FXN hit 174 miles per hour while lapping Circuit de la Sarthe and is going strong working on a five-decade racing career.

Hit play to hop on board, and enjoy the on-board Jaguar action.

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