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F1 Legend: Alain Prost

Submitted by on August 26, 2015

Alain Prost 1989

Alain Prost on the way to winning the 1989 French Grand Prix at Paul Ricard in his final season for McLaren, thanks to the Cahier Archive

Sit down by the glittering seaside of the French Riviera for a chat with Formula 1 legend Alain Prost, to learn about Formula 1, his career and what he thinks about being one side of the greatest Formula 1 rivalry of all time.

“And at the end of ’84 we went to Estoril, went to a nightclub and we had a huge party. I was completely drunk with Niki and the guys, because that is part of the human side of history you know, and I remember when I came back to the hotel and said “am going to win the world championship one day?” because it was three consecutively missed for different reasons very close. I learned a lot with Niki.”

From his start with McLaren, to Renault, a thoroughly successful and exciting return to McLaren, a stint at Ferrari and his championship-winning career finale at Williams, Prost drove for the sport’s great teams through some of its finest, and feistiest, hours.

He claimed 51 wins and 106 podiums on the way to his four World Drivers’ Championships thanks to smooth steering and a cerebral approach to racecraft. One of the sport’s most successful drivers, he didn’t earn that success without his fair share of controversy and competition along the way!

‘The Professor’ doesn’t sparkle with the same effusiveness or lightheartedness as Gerhard Berger does in his interview, but his thoughts and approach are absolutely fascinating. An exciting career, enriched with plenty of speed and controversy make for extremely interesting insights and an interview well worth watching.

Enjoy, thanks to F1 Legends and presenter Steve Rider.

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