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Video: One Man’s Alpine Awakening

Submitted by on August 31, 2015

Alpine A110

In which Jürgen Clauss, founder of Alpine specialist workshop alpineLAB, takes us for a spin in his beautifully-restored Alpine and talks about what makes the cars so magical.

“Owning an Alpine is quite like a relationship with a beautiful woman. Some days, it’s exhausting, but in the end, it’s all about maintaining the passion, highlighting her beauty, and loving her.”

Clauss’ love of Alpines began in the ’80s, when he sold his Golf GTi having resolved to finally buy an Alpine A110. That car turned into a collection built around the Alpine A110 street cars. And that collection developed over the following three decades into a stunning collection of race cars and his alpineLAB workshop.

Each of his cars is immaculately-restored to be as they were, and probably better, than the moment they rolled out of the factory.

This video from Petrolicious tells the story magnificently, and has some great bits where the music and talking fades away to let the magnificently raunchy engine note of the Alpine shine. Hit play.

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