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A Winding Mountain Road and a Ferrari 250 GTO with the Taps Open

Submitted by on December 7, 2015

Ferrari 250 GTO

Well, this is pretty much a dream Sunday drive for any of us! Derek Hill drives the Ferrari 250 GTO that his dad, Formula 1 champion Phil Hill, raced at Daytona and Nassau, up a closed mountain road.

No music. No talking. Just the song of the three-litre Ferrari V12 opening up as it gobbles up that perfect mountain road.

The video, Petrolicious’ latest, comes from an earlier video they did about the car. The clip was initially left on the cutting room floor, but the team have found a way to set it free.

The car is a 1964 Ferraro 250 GTO. It’s from late in the 250 GTO’s run of just 36 cars, and is the first of their Series II bodies. Under its hood is nestled a three-litre V12 that puts out around 300 horsepower (and that unforgettable engine note).

In its day it competed in several endurance races, coming away with class wins in the Daytona Continental 2000 kilometers, as well as the Sebring 12-Hour and the Nassau TT with Phil Hill at the wheel.

Derek Hill, Ferrari Challenge International Championship winner, Formula Dodge West Coast champion and Barber Dodge Pro Series Drivers’ Champion is behind the wheel for the video, and delivers a master class in smooth-is-fast driving.

This one needs to be turned way up, so do that, and enjoy!

And afterwards, check out the original video for which this clip was filmed.

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