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Austin Healey Sebring Sprite VS Lenham Sprite GT at the 75th Members’ Meeting

Submitted by on April 7, 2017

Austin Healey Sebring Sprite VS Lenham Sprite GT

An all-sideways, all-the-time, Austin Healey Sebring Sprite takes on a Lenham Sprite GT in this clip, which features more overtakes in its short five-minute run time than an entire modern Formula 1 season.

The clip is from the Westlake Cup during the 75th Goodwood Members’ Meeting. Richard Woolmer is on board the pretty little 1961 Austin Healey Sebring Sprite, and spends the entire race dancing on the absolute raggedy edge. His style is a great contrast to the more controlled style of James Colburn, piloting a Lenham Sprite GT.

The pair swap places constantly, both demonstrating immense bravery and pulling moves on each other that range from textbook to inventive and opportunistic, including some particularly brave dives into Goodwood’s hairy chicane.

I’m a big fan of 1500 horsepower wings-and-slicks Can-Am cars, but I don’t miss them one bit watching these little racers go at it!

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And a bonus clip – Woolmer dancing in the Healey in the wet.

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