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Ex-Schumacher 2001 Ferrari F2001 to Head to Auction

Submitted by on November 8, 2017

Ex-Schumacher 2001 Ferrari F2001

Image Pawel Litwinski¬†¬© 2017 via Sotheby’s

This ex-Michael Schumacher 2001 Ferrari F2001 boasts two grand prix victories to its name and will head to auction on the 16th of November at Sotheby’s’ Contemporary Art Evening Auction in New York.

Schumacher drove the car, chassis 211, three times in 2001 and it played a significant role in his journey to that year’s drivers’ title as well as Ferrari’s claim to the constructors’ title. Chassis 211 took Schumacher to the top step of the podium twice, including at Formula 1’s most iconic race – the Monaco Grand Prix. It was also his ride for the 2001 Hungarian Grand Prix, where he clinched the 2001 Drivers’ Championship.

Ferrari’s F2001 is a carbon-fibre composite monocoque design with a naturally-aspirated V10 capable of close to 900 horsepower and 18,500rmp, which is more than enough to shove around its svelte 600 kilogram weight. Schumacher won 9 grands prix in the cars in 2001, adding a 10th in 2002 when the season kicked off in Australia.

If you’d like to experience what it’s like to drive a machine like that – you can! All you have to do is buy this one.¬†Ferrari offer to store it at their facilities in Maranello, transporting it worldwide for Corso Clienti events or private track days, and they’ll even include the services of their Formula 1 technicians, mechanics and test drivers.

“When we think about the genesis of this Ferrari in conventional terms of aesthetic judgement we’re looking at line, form, structure, colour. When we consider this object in those terms, we can say this is an incredibly beautiful object, but we can’t disassociate the beauty of it from the history. Part of the beauty of it is necessarily aligned with that history. The history of it makes it comparable to works that we see in museums.” – Michael Macaulay

The car will be offered by Sotheby’s at their Contemporary Art Evening Auction in New York on the 16th of November. Sotheby’s estimate that the car will go for between $4,000,00 and $5,500,000. For the full details, see the Sotheby’s’ website here.

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