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Emeryson F2/F1 Prototype – Widescreen Gallery

Submitted by on February 21, 2018

Marcel Hundscheid / Speed-O-Graphica.com

Spend some quality time getting to know the Emeryson F2/F1 prototype with this widescreen gallery by Marcel Hundscheid of Speed-O-Graphica.

Emeryson built monoposto racing cars between the 1930s and 1960s. Around 1960 Peter and Paul Emery founded companies Emeryson Experimental and Emeryson Cars.

Both men dedicated themselves to a small-batch production of racing cars, building Formula Junior, Formula 3, 2 and Formula 1 machines.

Paul Emery built race cars between 1954 and 1962 for use in Formula 1.

Emeryson built innovative cars, but in fact his constructions were often a little too unusual. Most of his cars lacked stability due to limited financial and material resources. The first Emeryson for use in Formula 1 was produced in 1954, which was only used in non-championship events, still without any real success.

The prototype of the Emeryson F1 was produced in 1960 but used in Formula 2. The car debuted without any success at Brands Hatch that year. Equipe National Belge from Belgium approached Emeryson in 1961 to run a selection of cars.

The design used a multi-tubular space frame. The rear suspension was derived from a Lotus 18. Engines used were the Maserati 150S 4-cylinder and the Coventry Climax FPF-4 cylinder.

In the end the cars that entered racing tended to crash out or proved to be off the pace. Today, they exist as interesting entries in the history of the sport and it’s wonderful to see them still out racing.

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