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2018 Nürburgring Classic Widescreen Gallery & Report

Submitted by on June 27, 2018

Marcel Hundscheid / Speed-O-Graphica

Sit back, relax and enjoy our report on the second edition of the Nürburgring Classic, which unleashed former DTM cars and much more on both the Nürburgring and Nordschleife.

The second edition of the Nürburgring Classic was held from 15th until 17th June on the Nürburgring, situated in the beautiful Eifel-region. Around 700 historic cars used the Grand Prix-loop as well as the notorious Nordschleife, or Green Hell as this 20.8 km long track is nicknamed.

The programme was a mix of races, regularity tests and special runs for single-seaters, GTs and touring cars and sports cars. One of the highlights was the presence of the Touring Car Classics (Tourenwagen Classics) open to former DTM and STW-cars.

The programme started on Friday with the first qualifying sessions and free practices, followed by 10 different races held over the course of the three day event. Series for both touring cars and GTs entertained the crowd.

Amongst the participants in the race for CanAm cars and Supersports were a Lola T310, a McLaren M8C, a McLaren M8C/D as well as a McLaren M8F. The largest grid of the weekend was provided by Formula V and the 3-hour endurance for Yougtimers at both the Nordschleife and Grand Prix loop.

A splendid Porsche 917, driven by German Dirk Sadlowski, was a highlight. Chassis 032 is a former test car which never raced in period, but was nonetheless fundamental in the evolution of the Porsche 917. The car made its public debut back in 2017 at the Hockenheim Historic after a 10 year restoration.

German Willy Kauhsen bought the car from Porsche after it was used as an aerodynamic test bed. Kauhsen was a works driver who finished second at the Le Mans 24 hours in 1970, driving 917-043. Porsche used the car to test aerodynamics such as winglets and fins. Kauhsen raced chassis 917-032 in the European Interseries. In the end Sadlowski bought 917-032 and after a 10 year restoration the car made its public debut at the 2017 Hockenheim Historic. During the Nürburgring Classic 917-032 Sadlowski had traction problems during the qualifying session and crashed. Luckily the driver was OK.

Another eye catcher was this genuine Kremer Porsche 935 K3, chassis 009 0002 raced by German Günther Schindler in the 100 Miles Trophy. The car is very special as it was the very first 935 K3, raced for Kremer Racing in the DRM Championship from 1979. In that year the car was raced by the later DTM-champion Klaus Ludwig. He managed to win 12 of 15 races in the German National Championship (DRM).

The same car was entered by Charles Ivey Racing from the UK for the 1982 Le Mans 24 Hours. John Cooper, Paul Smith and Claude Bourgoignie scored a class victory in Group 5. From that time until 2003 the car was held in a British museum. After a complete restoration chassis 009 0002 moved to the United States. Nowadays it is back in Europe and appeared at the Nürburgring Classic.

One of the most powerful cars amongst the 700 participants was this Lola T310, chassis HU01, in fact the last CanAm Lola ever built. Initially it was the only T310 built, despite the fact that later chassis HU02 was built as a spare.

Model T310 would become one of the longest, widest and lowest monster ever to compete in the CanAm championship. Powered by a huge 8.095 cc Chevrolet V8 generating 740 hp the Lola T310 proved to be no match for the turbocharged Porsche 917/30.

David Hobbs drove the car for the very first time during the 1972 CanAm championship. After its racing career HU01 underwent a complete restoration. After a long stay in the United States with several owner T310/HU01 has a new European owner.

As mentioned earlier the main highlight of the weekend was the presence of the Touringcar Classics featuring former DTM cars. With 25 cars on track including two Mercedes AMG C-Class and an Alfa Romeo 155 V6 from the former ITC-championship as well as BMW M3s, Mercedes 190 and several other former DTM cars, this was a race to watch.

As expected, the Alfa Romeo dominated the race until 3 laps before the finish as one of the wheels came lose. The Scuderia GT-prepared car, driven by Stefan Rupp is one of the four Alfa Corse works cars from 1996. During that particular year Giancarlo Fisichella drove the car in the ITC championship.

The car  is still in the original condition of the last race of the ’96 season, which was held at Suzuka. The Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI was equipped with a Formula 1 suspension system including reversing levers and radical aerodynamics. Thus, the suction effect of the undercarriage was supported by side skirts that grind almost on the road thanks to hydraulic suspension adjustment on the track.

Results Nürburgring Classic 2018

100 Meilen Trophy / FHR

  1. Felix Haas  Lola T294
  2. Günther Schindler Porsche 935 K3 + 1:46.151
  3. Ronnie Scheer BMW M1 Procar + 4:53.818

A Gentle Drivers Trophy race 1

  1. Markus Jörg Lotus Eleven
  2. Felix Haas Lola Mk.1 + 44.715
  3. Markus Schenkl Crosslé 7S  + 1:17.679

A Gentle Drivers Trophy race 2

  1. Wolfgang Henseler Crosslé C9S
  2. Markus Jörg Lotus Eleven + 4.494
  3. Christopher Stahl Jaguar Lister + 1:07.126

ADAC Eifelrennen / FHR Long Distance

  1. Andrew Wolfe/Jason Wright Ford GT40
  2. Heinz Schmersal/Mike Stursberg Ford Escort RS1600  + 1 lap
  3. Pedro Sanchez/Luco Sanchez Porsche 911 ST + 1:58.550

ADAC Eifelrennen / Youngtimer Trophy

  1. Daniel Schrey Porsche 935 K1
  2. Edgar Salewsky/Nick Salewsky Porsche 911 RSR + 1 lap
  3. Oliver Boyke Porsche 911 RSR + 4:21.529

CanAm / SuperSports race 1

  1. Felix Haas Lola T294
  2. Georg Hallau  Lola T310 + 14.739
  3. McLaren M8C/D Henry v.d. Amalien + 1 lap

CanAm / Supersports race 2

  1. Felix Haas Lola T294
  2. Georg Hallau Lola T310 + 7.420
  3. McLaren M8C/D Henry v.d. Amalien + 2:11.514

Tourenwagen Classics

  1. Thorsten Stadler Mercedes AMG C-Klasse
  2. Alexander Schmidt Renault Laguna BTCC + 52.112
  3. Stephan Piepenbrink  BMW M3 E30 DTM + 1:42.759

Historic Touring Cars & GTs

  1. Michael Wittke Porsche 914/6
  2. Heinz Schmersal/Mike Stursberg Ford Escort RS1600 + 32.675
  3. Hans-Ulrich Kainzinger Porsche 911 ST + 46.413

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