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47th AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix: Mega Gallery and Report

Submitted by on August 19, 2019

By Marcel Hundscheid / Speed-O-Graphica

53,500 spectators visited the 47th edition of the annual AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring over the 9th to 11th of August, for a spectacular celebration of motorsport history. Twenty races and regularity tests made up a packed programme of motorsport featuring cars from the pre-war era all the way through to the prototypes and sports cars of the world endurance championship of the 2010s.

The AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix is considered the highlight of the German historic motorsport season, drawing around 500 historic race cars to the Grand Prix loop of the Nürburgring for three days of historic competition.

Among the many highlights were three FIA Masters Historic championships, including Formula 1 cars from the Cosworth era, sports cars from the ’60s and ’70s and the Formula Junior cars of the Lurani Trophy. As well as these, sports cars and GTs of the ’50s and touring cars of the former DTM and DRM (Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft) were celebrated.

Besides the spectacular trackside action, spectators could enjoy the presence of numerous stars of yesteryear, including Leopold Prince of Bavaria, Klaus Niedzwiedz, three-time Le Mans winner Marco Werner and ex-DTM driver and Porsche team boss Olaf Manthey.

When we take a closer look at the results below, you’ll see that wins were earned from hard fought battles in several of the races.

Martin Stretton repeated his strong performance from last year in a Tyrrell 012 in Benetton-livery, entered in the FIA Masters Historic F1 Championship. The Briton claimed two victories.

In the FIA Lurani Trophy it was Italian count Manfredo Rossi di Montelera who scored two hard fought victories in his Lotus 22. No one had an answer to the commanding speed of Jason Wright and Andy Wolfe’s Lola T70 Mk.IIIB in the FIA Masters Historic Sports Car Championship.

One of the biggest fields of the weekend was entered by the Revival of the Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft, which featured a grid combined with cars from the FHR 100 Miles Trophy. This resulted in a colourful mix of CanAm beasts, former Group 5 monsters and other cars from the predecessor of the DTM championship. McLaren M8s battled it out against fast Lolas, Porsche 935s, a Ford Zakspeed Capri Turbo, several BMW M1, Porsche 934s and many more.

Three-time Le Mans winner Marco Werner entered the race with a mighty McLaren-Trojan M8F. As he suffered from a braking issue, Felix Haas grabbed victory in his Lola T294. During the second race, however, it was Werner who crossed the line first, with Haas less than a second behind the Le Mans legend.

Another crowd puller were the former DTM and STW cars gathered into the Tourenwagen Classics. This series featured a great variety in cars and was ultimately topped by the mighty Ford Zakspeed Capri Turbo driven by Peter Mücke.

Belgian Christophe D’Ansembourg scored two straight victories in the Aston Martin Masters Endurance Legends in his Lola-Aston Martin DBR1-2. Other class winners included Michael Gans (Lotus 15) in the two-seat sports cars and GTs up to 1960/1 during the dusk race on Saturday, as well as Mark Lewis and Julian Majzub, who claimed first place in a Lister Chevrolet Knobbly on Sunday.

Michael Gans claimed another victory during the first race of the Historic Grand Prix Cars on Saturday in a Cooper T79. Peter Horsman crossed the chequered flag first on Sunday in a Lotus 18/21.

Britons Thomas Julian and Andy Wolfe had an interesting battle with Dutchman Nicky Pastorelli in his Ferrari 250 GTO. Although Julian and Wolfe drove the entire 90 minute race in front, Pastorelli remained in striking distance. In the end the Shelby Cobra Daytona turned out to have a higher top speed over the priceless Ferrari 250 GTO.

We are already looking forward to the 48th edition of the Oldtimer Grand Prix, expected to be held during the summer of 2020.

Marcel Hundscheid / Speed-O-Graphica

FIA Masters Historic F1 Championship

Race 1:

  1. Martin Stretton (GB), Tyrrell 012
  2. Mike Cantillon (IE), Williams FW07C, + 0.675
  3. Jamie Constable (GB), Tyrrell 011, + 25.100

Race 2:

  1. Martin Stretton (GB), Tyrrell 012
  2. Matteo Ferrer-aza (IT), Ligier JS11/15, + 1.565
  3. Henry Fletcher, (GB), March 761, + 4.903

FIA Lurani Trophy Formula Junior cars

Race 1:

  1. Manfredo Rossi di Montelera (IT), Lotus 22
  2. Bruno Weibel (CH), Lotus 22, + 0.195
  3. Mark Shaw (SCOT), Brabham BT6, + 14.774

Race 2:

  1. Manfredo Rossi di Montelera (IT), Lotus 22
  2. Bruno Weibel (CH), Lotus 22, + 0.339
  3. Pierre Tonetti (IT), Brabham BT6, + 29.216

FIA Masters Historic Sports Car Championship

  1. Jason Wright (IT) – Andy Wolfe (GB), Lola T70 Mk.IIIB
  2. Henry Fletcher (GB), Chevron B26, + 24.518
  3. Manfredo Rossi di Montelera (IT), + 46.427

Revival Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft

Race 1:

  1. Felix Haas (CH), Lola T294
  2. Marco Werner (CH), McLaren-Trojan M8F, + 50.521
  3. Peter Mücke (D), Ford Capri Zakspeed Turbo, + 51.724

Race 2:

  1. Marco Werner (CH), McLaren-Trojan M8F
  2. Felix Haas (CH), Lola T294, + 0.874
  3. Afschin Fatemi (D), Porsche 934/5, + 1 :28.178

2-seat sportscars and GTs until 1960/61

Race 1:

  1. Michael Gans (CH), Lotus 15
  2. Mark Lewis (GB) – Julian Majzub (GB), Lister Chevrolet Knobbly, + 32.183
  3. Wulf Götze (D) – William Nuthall (GB), Elva Mk VII S, + 1 lap

Race 2:

  1. Mark Lewis (GB) – Julian Majzub (GB), Lister Chevrolet Knobbly
  2. Wolfgang Friedrichs (D) – Simon Hadfield (GB), Aston Martin DB4 GT, + 20.023
  3. Bernado Hartogs (GB) – William Nuthall (GB), Lotus 15, + 33.002

Historic Grand Prix Cars until 1965

Race 1:

  1. Michael Gans (CH), Cooper T79
  2. William Nuthall (GB), Cooper T53, + 0.532
  3. Peter Horsman (GB), Lotus 18/21,  + 12.948

Race 2:

  1. Peter Horsman (GB), Lotus 18/21
  2. Michael Gans (CH), Cooper T79, +14.958
  3. Barry Cannell (GB), Brabham BT11A, + 30.247

AvD Touringcar and GT Trophy

  1. Peter Stöhrmann Jr. (D), Ford Escort RS1600
  2. Heinz Schmersal (D) – Mike Stursberg (D), Ford Escort RS1600, + 6.410
  3. Alexander Furiani (D), Alfa Romeo 160 GTA, + 1:00.903

A Gentle Drivers Trophy

Race 1:

  1. Felix Haas (CH), Lotus 23B
  2. Markus Jörg (CH), Lotus 11, + 7.356
  3. Ovid Vasut (D), Chevrolet Corvette C2, + 43.639

Race 2:

  1. Markus Jörg (CH), Lotus 11
  2. Felix Haas (CH), Lotus 23B, + 40.916
  3. Christopher Stahl (D), TVR Griffith + 1:08.085

Gentlemen Drivers

  1. Thomas Julian (GB) – Andy Wolfe (GB), Shelby Cobra Daytona
  2. Nicky Pastorelli (NL), Ferrari 250 GTO + 1.898
  3. Leo Voyazides (GB) – Simon Hadfield (GB), Shelby Cobra Daytona, + 44.331

Tourenwagen Classics

  1. Peter Mücke (D) – Stefan Mücke (D), Ford Capri Zakspeed Turbo
  2. Jörg Koslowski (D), BMW E46 WTCC, + 1:49.461
  3. Yannick Trautwein (D), Mercedes CLK DTM, + 2:15.326

Aston Martin Masters Endurance Legends

Race 1:

  1. Christophe D’Ansembourg (B), Lola Aston-Martin DBR1-2
  2. Mike Cantillon (GB), Pescarolo LMP1, + 0.697
  3. Keith Frieser (CDN), Oreca 03 LMP2, + 1:11.069

Race 2:

  1. Christophe D’Ansembourg (B), Lola Aston-Martin DBR1-2
  2. Steve Tandy (GB), Lola B12/60 + 2.842
  3. Alex Kapadia (GB) – James Hanson (GB), Oreca 03 LMP2, + 1:05.499

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