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1976 Lombard RAC Rally

Pure Sounds: 1976 Lombard RAC Rally

Take a few minutes and spend them enjoying the pure sounds and classic rally racing action of the 1976 Lombard RAC Rally.

Damon Hill FW15C

For Sale: Damon Hill’s 1993 Williams FW15C

Images: Cars International
Williams’ FW15C has a very good claim on being one of the most technologically-advanced machines to come out of Formula 1’s history. Way head of the curve, the cars dominated the championship in …

Rover SD1 racing

Rock the Gerry Marshall Trophy at Goodwood in a Rover SD1

Hop back on board with Chris Harris for part two of his 73rd Goodwood Members’ Meeting adventures. This part is all historic touring car racing, all the time, as he tackles the Gerry Marshall Trophy in …

Rover SD1

Rover SD1: Fast and Full Noise Around Goodwood

Tag along with Chris Ward in his ex-Patrick Motor Group Rover SD1 for a fast, full noise and ferociously-sideways master class in racing the Goodwood Motor Circuit.

Jan Opperman

The Incredible Motorsport Feats of Jan Opperman

Sit down with an effusive and entertaining Robin Miller from RACER for a little motorsport story time, enjoying the incredible racing adventures of Jan Opperman.

Team Trust 1990 Porsche 962C

For Sale: Team Trust 1990 Porsche 962C

Images: Canepa
This Team Trust 1990 Porsche 962C, up for sale at Canepa, is a stunning example of the latest and greatest in Porsche factory 962s. It’s also one of of the most original 962s around today.

73rd Goodwood Members Meeting

73rd Goodwood Members’ Meeting – Widescreen Gallery

Images: Peter Aylward
Soak in the atmosphere, bathe in the beautiful historic machinery and be thrilled by fearless historic motorsporting exploits in this 73rd Goodwood Members’ Meeting gallery by Peter Aylward.

Triumph Dolomite Sprint

Shannons Club: Triumph Dolomite Sprint: The Torana L34-inspired ‘Super Sprint’ that never made it

Image: www.autopics.com.au thanks to the Shannons Club
Back in 1976 Ron Hodgson Racing and Leyland Australia had a plan for a unique racing Triumph Dolomite Sprint. It was set to be the fastest, toughest and rarest …